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It has never been this easy to partner with a broker

What Is A Funded Account?

We offer Instant Funded Accounts to traders like you who have what it takes to take their trading to the next level.

We Provide 100% Of The CapitalStop stressing over finding the funds and focus on putting ours to work!
We Cover 100% Of The LossNo more worrying over your losses because they are ours - it's time to focus on making bigger, better profits!
You Enjoy An 80% Profit ShareWhen there are profits, you get to share in the win for all your hard work.

A Unique FX Trading Environment

How We Work

We guarantee a user-centred platform equipped with all the trading tools needed to reach success. Join Liquid FX to level up your forex trading journey.

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A Unique FX Trading Environment

Account Types For Every Trading Style

We guarantee a user-centered platform that holds all the trading instruments needed to reach success. Join Liquid FX to evolve your FX trading journey. Our Funded Account Programme offers two trial phases. Successfully pass Phase 1 and Phase 2 to gain access to a funded trading account where you keep 80% of all profits. Elevate your trading potential today!

200K Account $929

Your Profit Targets for both phases and, if you are successful, the funded account are the followingPhase 1: 8%Phase 2: 6%Funded Account 6%Maximum loss is 10%The trading period is 35 days for each phase and the funded account, with ten minimum trading days in each.You must pass both phases to prove profitability, after which you will gain access to the funded account.

200K Account $929

A Unique FX Trading Environment

Important Trading Guidelines and Account Safety Measures for Phases 1 / 2 and the Final Funded Account

1. The maximum daily drawdown for each phase is 5%, while the maximum overall drawdown is 10%. 2. No trades should be left open over the weekend. 3. Markets available for trading are Forex, Metals, and Indices. 4. No trades can be open on the account within 30 minutes of high impact news

Stay on top of your Performance as a trusted affiliate

Trade With Better Consistency

Upon registering we will track your performance in a seamless manner.

Our consistency rule is in place to help traders become better, more profitable traders. This rule states that the profits you earn on your best trading day must be at most 30% of your overall profits earned.

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